For who choose to have an excursions in company with Sarti guides (great and expert riders of the surrounding area), they offer an information service and direct assistance.

For the ones riding alone, they can always keep the advices and suggestions from our guides, completed with maps and details about their tours.

Tours are divided by length and difficulties. Every bikers can choose day by day what is better for them or which one is more suitable for their body training.
1 – The road of the hills of Romagna, between typical landscapes
2 – Castles of The Malatesta (Colle Giove road)
3 – The Furlo Gorge, “door” for Rome
4 – Castles of The Malatesta (Monte Luro road)
5 – Olive oil tour
6 – Hill’s climbers tour n.1, with climbs up to 10%
7 – Three regions tour (Romagna – Marche – Tuscany)
8 – Mini 9 Colli
9 – Hill climbers’ tour n.2, with climbs up to 15%
10 – Boletus mushroom tour (Cippo)
11 – From the coast to the hills and back
12 – Montefeltro tour
13 – Raffaello tour to Urbino
14 – Sangiovese wine tour, in the land of wine 
15 – Visit Cagliostro (San Leo)
16 – The valleys of the Marche to Arzilla
17 – “Sea-Lovers” panoramic tour
18 – The cuckolds’ tour, with climbs up to 18%
19 – The Grillo Pass
20 – To the “Glories” of Romagna, “Pantani and piadina” tour