Distance: 14,20 km
Difficulty: medium
Overall gradient: 757 m
Uphill gradient: 380 m
Downhill gradient377 m
Asphalt stretches: 2 km
Dirt track stretches: 12,2 km

The itinerary covers the entire length of the crest of hill that leads from Marano Park to the restored Castle of Albereto. It crosses olive groves, vineyards and stud farms and offers breathtakingly beautiful views of the coast. The first part of the itinerary is entirely uphill before descending along the Marano Torrent cycle path as far as the park itself where it ends. The itinerary crosses the municipalities of Coriano and Montescudo along the Marano Valley. It is a fairly short itinerary, initially very demanding and almost entirely off-road. On departure it heads towards San Marino and after a few metres, turns left along a short but steep climb on asphalt before turning onto a dirt track running alongside a stud farm. This is the village of Cavallino and at 2.7 km a sharp bend leads into a field of olive groves and then dense brushwood that ends at 3.6 km. After a few hundred metres there is a climb that leads to Albereto in the municipality of Montescudo. Just after the castle (7 km) a downhill stretch begins that ends at 8.8 km. The itinerary now leads downhill along the Marano cycle path towards the arrival and after a couple of fords, stretches in dense brushwood and numerous bends, returns to the park where it began.