Mountain bike is an unusual form of cycling with an increasing number of enthusiasts people.
The Hotel Sarti is equipped with them services and for accompany our mountain bike guests in traditional itineraries.
1 – Through the vineyards
2 – From village to village, for discover the real Romagna
3 – From the Marecchia Valley to San Leo Fortress, the prison of Cagliostro
4 – Albereto Castle, flanking the Marano
5 – The tour of the two mountains
6 – The wine cellars’ tour, chasing the scent of grape must
7 – The two valleys tour
8 – The thermal spa tour
9 – The cradle of the Malatesta, where is born the Seignory
10 – The Onferno nature reserve, on footsteps of Dante
11 – The ancient roads of Montefiore
12 – Along the ridges of the Gothic Line, where passed the front
13 – In the chestnut wood
14 – Cycling between the hills and the coast
15 – Towards San Marino, the ancient land of liberty