Distance: km 34,2
Difficulty: very difficult
Overall gradient: 2.365 m
Uphill gradient: 1.185 m
Downhill gradient: 1.180 m
Asphalt stretches: 10 km
Dirt track stretches: 24 km

This is one of the most beautiful and most difficult itineraries in the province of Rimini. It begins in the municipality of Coriano and passes through Montecolombo, with is castle and restored washhouse, before returning to Coriano after about 35 km. The countryside around Coriano is beautiful, with small villages and farms dotted around holdings that cultivate wheat, olives and splendid vines, used to produce quality wines. Coriano offers spectacular views of the coast, San Marino and the rolling hills of the hinterland of Rimini, as well as the remains of an impressive Malatesta castle. The itinerary is very difficult with an overall gradient of 2300 m. It covers the same route as the “Marano Bike” race, which is held each year on 25th April and is part of the Tacconi Sport national circuit. The itinerary is demanding due to the series of climbs and descents. In part, it crosses beautiful agricultural estates covered in vines and olive groves. It is suitable for fit and technically capable cyclists as it has very steep climbs and descents. It begins in Piazza Rossini in Coriano opposite the town hall and after an initial stretch on asphalt, near the missile base, after 5 km heads onto the Santini Estate and along rows of vines. After several climbs and descents and other stretches through vineyards and olive groves, after 17 km it leads to “Il Capannino” farm where it is possible to taste the wine and oil produced. At 20 km a climb begins that leads to Montecolombo, a village with an old renovated washhouse. After a short stretch of flagstone road in front of the castle, the itinerary heads downhill as far as 27.5 km. The last few kilometres are particularly demanding due to tiredness and the steep climbs and descents on dirt tracks and asphalt. Given the difficulties, the itinerary will last at least 4 hours but is well worth tackling because of the beauty of the places visited.