Distance: 32 km
Difficulty: difficult
Overall gradient: 1.870 m
Uphill gradient: 934 m
Downhill gradient936 m
Asphalt stretches: 13 km
Dirt track stretches: 19 km

Leave the car at the Ponte Verucchio car park (next to the tubular sculpture by Tonino Guerra) and head off on asphalt towards Madonna Di Saiano. After an initial stretch on asphalt, a steep, cobblestone climb on the right (via Poggiolo) leads to the first rocky peak (Torriana). Another few metres on asphalt then turn left and then right and head to “I Malardot” restaurant. Turn left on an asphalt stretch, which is not in use and is barred by a cable, and then descend steeply along a path as far as the River Uso valley. At the asphalt stretch descend to the left and on the PR turn towards Masrola-Ponte Uso. After a few km of flatland, turn left onto a dirt track. Head straight along this dirt track as far as Ginestreto. After Ginestreto take the PR and climb to Passo delle Siepi (or del Grillo). At the top of the pass, leave the asphalt and turn left onto a dirt track that leads to the “Giungla dei Castagni (The Chestnut Jungle). Head to the highest point, near a bar-restaurant (closed) and turn left onto a narrow, but clearly marked path that follows the ridge for a few dozen metres before descending treacherously. Head to the path below and follow it to the right, crossing several similar paths on the left. Turn at the third path on the left and descend to the panoramic lookout area. At the next junction, keep to the right-hand path. Cycle around Mount Matto on alternating climbs and descents, some quite challenging, as far as the dirt track that leads to Montebello. From Montebello descend for a few km on asphalt towards Torriana as far as Via Gessi on the right, which descends steeply as far as the peak of Madonna di Saiano. Take the cement cycle path down to the Marecchia River. At the bottom, turn left and then shortly after, turn right onto the packed earth cycle path. After a few km you are back at the departure point.