Distance: 37,7 km
Difficulty: very difficult
Overall gradient: 2.207 m
Uphill gradient: 1.105 m
Downhill gradient1.101 m
Asphalt stretches: 9 km
Dirt track stretches: 28,7 km

This itinerary follows the ancient roads that the inhabitants of the lower Conca Valley used during the Middle Ages. It begins in Piazza del Popolo in Morciano and initially heads towards Montefiore. After a few roundabouts and a short climb is the junction towards Saludecio, then a slight descent and at 2.3 km a secondary road on the right with signs for “Santuario degli Uccelli”. At 6.4 km (left at the bridge) begins the first difficult stretch with the San Teodoro climb that leads to the village of the same name. There is a short stretch of asphalt road and at 9.3 km, turn right along the path as far as the abandoned house, left uphill and then straight to Montebaiacane. Turn right at the junction, keeping to the crest for a few hundred metres then downhill on the path to Cabianco and Cerreto Castle. After the castle at 12.3 km there is a water fountain on the right. The descent back to the valley floor is extremely technical and requires great skill. At 13.5 km at the Case Palazzi crossroads turn left then after 3 km is the 1 km Cà Santino climb that leads back to the Montefiore – Tavoleto PR. Cross the PR and take the old medieval road that leads downhill to a group of houses (Molino Rocchi). At 19 km there is a junction (keep right) and the road begins to climb gently as far as Castelnuovo. After the village of “Le Stalle” at 22 km leave the main road and turn right onto a difficult downhill stretch. A short distance from the end is the start of a single track in dense brushwood that finishes at 27.4 km. Turn right and start to climb a single track to Montefiore Fortress. Past the village, along the descent, at 31.6 km is the junction with Via Forca where a climb begins that leads to the highest part of the itinerary. Leave the asphalt road and head into a chestnut wood on a single track descent. After a series of climbs and descents, return to asphalt on Via S. Maria Maddalena (34.5 km). Once over the hump in the road and with the church in sight, turn left for the last descent along a rocky path. At the bottom, turn right and return to Morciano.