Distance: 18,20 km
Difficulty: medium
Overall gradient: 1.004 m
Uphill gradient: 504 m
Downhill gradient500 m
Asphalt stretches: 9 km
Dirt track stretches: 9 km

Montegrimano Terme is an ancient medieval castle still standing in the heart of the village. The itinerary begins in Ciacci Municipal Park in Montegrimano following an asphalt stretch for about 2.8 km towards Avvelaneta. At chart no. 1 turn right uphill on a path towards Monte San Paolo through the village of Savignano Montetassi at 4.8 km. On Monte San Paolo, at 6.7 km, continue uphill on the asphalt road keeping to the right. Use the antennas on the mountain as reference and head towards the lowest one (the last one on the right). This point offers beautiful panoramic views of the Republic of San Marino, the Marecchia Valley, with the fortresses of San Leo and Montebello, and the Riviera of Romagna. At 10.2 km turn right onto a very difficult downhill single track (be very careful) that leads close to the Valle S. Anastasio springs. To reach them, cyclists have to leave the itinerary, turn right for 100 metres at chart no. 10. In the village of Cà Micci at 12 km, turn towards Mercatino Conca as far as chart no. 13 at 14.2 km. Here, turn right, leave the asphalt road and take a downhill path. At the bottom, turn right again onto the asphalt road and follow it for about 1 km to Montegrimano thermal spa, a mineral spring that has existed since Roman times. After the spa, turn right as far as the village of Meleto at 16.8 km where there is another natural water spring (a little hidden away on the left). At this point, the itinerary is nearly finished and, following signs on the last charts, after 18.2 km leads back to Ciacci Municipal Park.