Distance: 20 km
Difficulty: medium
Overall gradient: 850 m
Uphill gradient: 427 m
Downhill gradient433 m
Asphalt stretches: 8 km
Dirt track stretches: 12 km

The entire itinerary crosses olive groves and vineyards on the hills in the hinterland of Rimini, reaching as far as just under imposing Mount Titano in the Republic of San Marino. It runs mainly through the territory of the municipality of Coriano. It begins in Marano River Park and heads towards the coast before turning left into Via Fiume after 2.2 km. The first difficult part is after 4 km, where there is a short climb that runs close to Vecciano Lake. A steep climb at 8.5 km leads to the village of Cerasolo and at 12.15 km the itinerary turns left at the junction towards Torraccia before continuing uphill as far as 13.4 km and Via Montelupo. It then runs left alongside San Marino Flying Club as far as 13.63 km, at the end of Via Montelupo. After the farm, a path on the right leads downhill into a very steep and precipitous brushwood (beware of the many visible rocks). After the descent into the wood (14.1 km) lies Faetano Lake on the left. Cross the PR that leads to Faetano and, following the Italian Alpine Club chart, take the Marano River cycle path towards Rimini. The last 5 km of the itinerary are great fun. There are a couple of fords on the cycle path and some very narrow stretches in the brushwood on an extremely bumpy dirt track. In this part, cyclists should also look out for horses, which they may come across, as the area is full of stables and stud farms. At Marano Park, where the itinerary began, cyclists will find numerous facilities for refreshment and relaxing.