Distance: 36 km
Difficulty: medium
Overall gradient: 720 m
Uphill gradient: 360 m
Downhill gradient360 m
Asphalt stretches: 16 km
Dirt track stretches: 20 km

The itinerary begins outside the Malatesta walls on the north side. It descends initially on an asphalt road then a dirt track to S. Andrea in Casale. In Cà Togni it crosses the PR and continues towards the Conca River. It runs along Via Pian di Vaglia towards the valley, alternating between stretches on asphalt and dirt track along Via Cerro as far as the ford on the river. Before it, turn left (beside the barrier) and continue along the dirt track then the asphalt road. Return along the river and beautiful paths through lush greenery as far as the dam across the river. The itinerary continues along the left bank before crossing the river on the AR bridge and returns to the cycle path. At a certain point, on the left side of the cycle path there are splendid golf courses. The itinerary continues as far as the former mill in Pianventena. It crosses the road and returns to the cycle path that runs as far as Morciano di R. Near the stables, the itinerary returns to the PR where, on the left before the bridge, there is a water fountain. Just after the bridge at the roundabout cyclists should follow signs for San Marino for about 100 metres and then turn left into the middle of a small group of houses. A new cycle path begins which the itinerary leaves after about 2 km to return to a short stretch of PR before climbing Via Cà Menghi. There is a fountain at the top and a few metres from the fountain, the itinerary turns left and follows Via Panoramica. In Croce, it descends along the PR to San Savino. Here it turns right and descends Via Veneto as far as Agello. Finally, there is a climb along an asphalt road towards San Clemente, which leads back to the start.