Distance: 22,20 km
Difficulty: difficult
Overall gradient: 1.455 m
Uphill gradient: 729 m
Downhill gradient: 726 m
Asphalt stretches: 5,4 km
Dirt track stretches: 17 km

This itinerary stretches along a crest of land that was the scene of horrific battles during the Second World War between Alexander’s Allied forces and German troops under Kesserling. During the summer of 1944, two bloody battles were fought here (the first and second battles of Coriano) that initially looked like being a sure victory for the Allied forces but turned out to be a bitter setback that would prove decisive in the entire Gothic Line offensive. The itinerary, which crosses the municipal territories of Coriano and Montecolombo, presents a series of climbs and descents without a single stretch of flatland. It begins in Piazza Mazzini in front of Coriano Town Hall before heading towards the village of Castelleale (a medieval fortress). Leaving the village behind on the right, the itinerary follows a dirt track and then continues off-road to San Savino Castle at 8 km. It proceeds off-road through vineyards, wheat fields and olive groves before heading uphill towards the PR that links Croce and Montecolombo. This is the highest point of the itinerary and the long descent begins at 14 km. After this long downhill stretch there are a series of climbs and descents off-road and in just under 8 km, again passing through vineyards and olive groves as well as the villages of Cà Baffoni, Cà Giovanetti, Salina Piccola and Cà Saporetti, the itinerary leads back to Coriano.