Distance: 30 km
Difficulty: hard
Overall gradient: 1.739 m
Uphill gradient: 873 m
Downhill gradient866 m
Asphalt stretches: 5,4 km
Dirt track stretches: 17 km

The history of the castle is linked to some of the greatest Italian families including the Carpegna and the Buonconte di Montefeltro who built the fortress in the 12th century. In the centre of the village is Piazza Clementina, which commemorates the birth of Pope Clement XIV. The tour begins in Piazza F.lli Cervi in Montecerignone under the fortress, descends towards the village then climbs to the Sanctuary of the Blessed Domenico (1.3 km). After crossing a piece of woodland uphill, at the foot of Villagrande take an asphalt road along the slopes of Monte San Paolo. Then climb back up the asphalt road to the Magnone Valley at 9.4 km. Just after, there is a very technical descent full of holes and stones and we recommend less experienced cyclists to dismount. The Conca River is only a few km away (13 km). The itinerary runs along the left bank of the river (towards Morciano) and follows the main path to Molino Giovanneti to a barn (14.6 km chart 18). Turn right and ford the river, passing under a bridge. A very difficult 100-metre ramp leads to the village of Cà Secco where there is a fountain. Climb again as far as Monte S. Lorenzo (18.2 km) where cyclists should be careful as near the astronomical observatory (on your right) there are three dirt tracks. The correct one continues straight on a downhill stretch to 18.6 km. The dirt track turns sharply right and after a few hundred metres there is a diversion. Follow the main road. The itinerary continues without any particular problems as far as 20.7 km where there is a path called “Strada Vicinale della Serra” that runs along the crest of the hill; a very difficult uphill stretch. At the top take the Valico della Faggiola PR where at 25 km on the left there is a path (the first 200 metres have to be covered on foot) on Monte Faggiola that after a few km of woodland, a short stretch of PR and a beautiful downhill dirt track stretch leads back to Montecerignone.