Riccione – Montescudo – Montegrimano – Monte Altavello – Riccione

Difficulty: 4

Distance: 100 Km

Diff. level: 1150 mt.

Suggestions: gear ratios 39-26





0 Riccione Follow the SS 16 road until the S.Lorenzo junction and then take V.Veneto in the direction of Coriano. At the first set of traffic lights turn right then, at the next set, turn left into V.S.Salvatore
5 S.salvatore Turn left and continue in the direction of Ospedaletto and Montescudo
10 Ospedaletto Carry straight on towards Pian delle Pieve, Trarivi and Montescudo (2km climb with 10% gradient)
20 Montescudo Descend for 3 km down to S.Maria del Piano
25 S.Maria del Piano Continue in the direction of Fratte
28 Fratte Continue for 1 km and turn right towards S.Marino and Sasso Feltrino (3 km climb with 8-10% gradient)
32 Sasso Feltro Carry straight on to Montelicciano
36 M.Licciano Turn left and then immediately right towards Montegrimano
40 M.Grimano 7 km descent before turning left towards Mercatino Conca
50 Mercatino Conca Follow signs for Urbino and Monte Altavelio (3 km climb with 10% gradient)
60 Monta Altavelio Carry straight on in the direction of Auditore and Tavoleto.At the junction, turn left towards S.Giovanni and Tavoleto
70 Tavoleto Turn left towards Montefiore and Morciano
80 Montefiore Descend for 7 km until Morciano
90 Morciano Continue in the direction of Riccione
100 Riccione Finish