Torre Pedrera – Santarcangelo – Perticara – Verucchio – Torre Pedrera

Difficulty: 4

 114 Km

Diff. level:
 1550 mt.

gear ratios 39-26 or third chain weel



KM Place Directions
0 Torre Pedrera Take V.Tolemaide in the direction of Santarcangelo. After the A14 flyover turn right towards S.Vito
5 S.Vito Turn left towards Santarcangelo
10 Santarcangelo At the traffic lights on the SS 9 road (V.Emilia) turn right then, aftrer 100 m, turn left towards Stradone
17 Ciola Stradone Turn right towards Borghi and Sogliano (8 km climb)
30 Sogliano Turn left towards Ponte Uso (6 km descent)
36 Ponte Uso Stay on the right and climb up 5 km to Pietra dell’Uso and Montetiffi (very difficult for 2 km with 15% gradient)
46 Montetiffi Continue to climb upwards for another 10 km (slightly less difficult) to Perticara
56 Perticara Turn left towards Novafeltria (10 km decsent)
66 Novafeltria Turn left towards Rimini taking the SS 258 (Marecchiese) road and follow directions for Secchiano and Rimini
81 Ponte Verucchio Turn right towards Verucchio (3 km climb)
84 Verucchio After 500 m turn right towards S.Marino and Rimini
94 S.Marino At the Dogana hilltop junction in S.Marino, make sure you do not turn right but follow V.S.Cristina in the direction of Rimini
95 V.Santa Cristina Follow directions for S.Paolo, S.Ermete and Rimini
103 Rimini At the traffic lights on the SS 16 road, turn left towards Ravenna and Viserba (9 km to V.Tolemaide)
114 Torre Pedrera Finish