Bellaria – Torriana – Montebello – San Marino – Montefiore – Bellaria

Difficulty: 5

 156 Km

Diff. level:
 2700 mt.

gear ratios 39-27 or triple





0 Bellaria Follow V.S.Mauro until S.Mauro Pascoli
6 San Mauro Pascoli Follow directions for S.Vito and Santarcangelo
12 Santarcangelo Pass the Ganganelli arch and continue in the directions of Torriana and Ponte Verucchio
23 Bivio Torriana Turn right towards Torriana (4 Km climb with 15% gradient)
28 Torriana Follow directions for Montebello
30 Montebello Go back on the same road, at the crossroads follow directions for Ponte Verucchio (steep descent)
36 Ponte Verucchio Cross the SS 258 road and climb up towards Verucchio (3 Km)
44 Verucchio 500 m after the town, stay on the right and head towards S.Marino and Monte Ventoso
48 Monte Ventoso At the junction take the road leading to Superstrada (main road) and turn right towards S.Marino
55 Borgo Maggiore Turn left into V.Sottomontana and after 200 m turn left towards Faetano
61 Faetano At the bottom of the descent, turn right towards Albereto and Montescudo (2 Km climb with 10% gradient)
64 Albereto Go straight on for 2 Km and at the junction, turn left towards Montescudo
69 Montescudo Steep descent down to Montecolombo before continuing in the direction of Coriano
77 Croce 500 m after Croce, turn right towards Osteria Nuova and Morciano
80 Osteria Nuova Turn left towards Morciano and then immediately right towards Gemmano and Montefiore (V.Pedrosa), 3 Km climb with 12% gradient
85 Montefiore Go straight on ofr 1 Km and then turn left towards Morciano (6 Km descent)
92 Morciano Turn right towards Saludecio (5 Km climb)
98 Saludecio Continue in the direction of Mondiano
101 Mondaino Follow signs for Montegrifoldo (steep 3 km descent).At the junction, turn left towards Meleto and S.Rocco.At the next junction, 4 km further on,turn right towards S.Maria del Monte,Cattolica and Morciano.Go straight on for 6 km until the Cattolica / Morciano road junction and turn left towards Morciano (a further 4 km)
118 Morciano Head towards Mercantino until you meet the Osteria Nuova junction
122 Osteria Nuova Turn right towards Coriano
128 Coriano Head in the direction of Rimini
141 Rimini Follow the SS 16 road until the V.Tolemaide traffic lights,then turn right towards Torriana and Bellaria
156 Bellaria Finish