Bellaria – Sogliano – M. Saraceno – Perticara – San Leo – S. Marino – Bellaria


Distance: 135 Km

Diff. level: 2600 mt.

Suggestions: gear ratios 39-27 or third chain weel


KM Place Directions
0 Bellaria Follow directions for S.Mauro and Savignano
9 Savignano Go towards Borghi and Sogliano (gentle 15 km climb)
18 Borghi Head for Sogliano
26 Sogliano Continue for 12 km in the direction of Strigara, Saliceto and S.Maria Riopetra until the SS 71 road junction at Montegelli
38 Bivio Mongelli Continue for 7 km to Mercato Saraceno
45 Mercato Saraceno 5 km climb up towards Barbotto (1 km at 18%)
50 Barbotto Follow signs for Savignano di Rigo and Perticara
56 Perticara 10 km descend down towards Novafeltria
64 Novafeltria Turn right towards Arezzo and after Ponte Baffoni (4 km), turn left towards Maiolo
74 Maiolo 4 km climb with 8% gradient up to Maiolo, then carry straight on for 6 km to the Pugliano junction
77 Madonna di Pugliano Turn left towards S.Leo (5 km descend)
81 S.Leo Continue towards Rimini (6 km descend). At thejunction, turn right towards S.Marino and Montemaggio
88 Castello Montemaggire Continue in the direction of S.Marino and Chiesanuova
93 Chiesanuova Turn left towards S.Marino
99 Fiorentino Follow directions for S.Marino, V.Sottomontana and the Superstrada (main road) until the Acquaviva junction
106 Bivio Acquaviva Follow signs for Arezzo and after 1 km turn right towards Monte Ventoso (descend)
107 Monte Ventoso Head towards Verucchio and Rimini (5 km). At the Dogana junction, situated on the top of the hill, take V.S.Cristina in the direction of Rimini (7 km), until the S.Ermete junction
116 S.Ermete Follow signs for S.Marino Mulini and Santarcangelo
123 Santarcangelo Carry on in the direction of S.Vito,Torre Pedrera and Bellaria
135 Bellaria Finish