Rimini – Montegiardino – San Leo – Villagrande -Mercatino Conca – Rimini

Difficulty: 4

Distance: 105 Km

Diff. level: 1850 mt.

Suggestions: gear ratios 39-26


KM Place Directions
0 Rimini Follow the SS 16 road to the Center Gross junction, turn into V.Varisco, and then continue in the direction of Coriano.At the traffic lights, turn right towards S.Salvatore and Ospedaletto
13 Ospedaletto Carry straight on for 1 km before turning right towards S.Marino then follow the road for another 15 km
22 Bivio Faetano Turn left and climb for 5 km up towards Montegiardino
27 Montegiardino Once at the top, turn right and go straight on for 1 km towards S.Marino and Fiorentino
30 Fiorentino Turn left towards Chiesanuova and S.Leo, passing through Castello Fiorentino and Castello di Montemaggio
32 Castello di Montemaggio 6 km descent.After the bridge, turn left towards S.Leo
40 S.Leo Carry straight on for Pugliano and Villagrande (15 km climb)
51 Villagrande Descend towards Montecerignone
70 Montecerignone Continue to Mercantino Conca
78 Mercatino Conca Head in the direction of Osteria Nuova
90 Osteria Nuova Turn left towards Coriano
95 Coriano Carry straight on for Riccione and Rimini, or take the same road used on the outward journey
105 Rimini Finish